Some of the best student accommodation in Lancaster can be found on Lancaster Living. At Lancaster Living you can find student housing in the heart of Lancaster. Please contact Gulam, whose details can be found on any of the Lancaster student houses featured here and who will be happy to answer any questions, show you a property, or just meet at his Lancaster home to talk about his student rentals in Lancaster.

The houses in our portfolio are:

  1. 7-bedroom house, 6 Dallas Road, near city centre.
  2. 7-bedroom house, 38 Dallas Road, near city centre.
  3. 5-bedroom house, 52 West Road, close to train station and city centre.
  4. 5-bedroom house, 45 Regent Street, near city centre.
  5. 5-bedroom house, 22 West Road, close to train station and city centre.
  6. 4-bedroom house, 88 St Leonards Gate, city centre.
  7. 4-bedroom house, 25 Sharpe’s Avenue, Bowerham/Greaves area.
  8. 4-bedroom house, 25 Green Street, near city centre.

Thanks for visiting Lancaster Living. Please tell your friends about our site. We offer 4, 5 and 7-bedroom houses.

For more information, please contact Gulam on 01524 381325 or mobile: 07825767419 or email Gulam at

Thank you for looking. We hope we can help you find accomodation in Lancaster for 2013-2014 / 2014-2015.